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Bulgarien   http://www.myheimat.de/muenchen/freizeit/tierquaelerei-in-erfurt-m2047330,2398376.html

Bulgarien http://www.myheimat.de/muenchen/freizeit/tierquaelerei-in-erfurt-m2047330,2398376.html

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We're trying. But these selfish , ignorant humans keep getting in the way. ( If you eat meat  or dairy this is 100% YOUR FAULT) DP

But these selfish , ignorant humans kept getting in the way. ( If you eat meat or dairy this is YOUR FAULT) DP

Fucking monsters. Millions of animals are killed each year, and killed BRUTALLY. Oh, but how's your cheeseburger?

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Bobby calves born into the dairy industry are killed because they don't produce milk. The cows are kept in a continual state of lactation and pregnancy so that they will produce milk.until at age their bodies are so worn out that they are also kil

What’s Wrong With UGGs? Everything  The way they use animals is UGGLY Go vegan

Why You Should Never Buy UGGs

People are just so fuckin sick! This shit pisses me the fuck off so damn bad!!Provide hope for the street dogs of Mumbai! - Care2 News Network

✏PETITION - Provide hope for the array digs of Mumbai. Pratham Shah rescued Choco, the dog in the photo, on May in Mumbai, India. He decided to go the beach with his buddies;