Grumpy cat relaxing...

This is known "hot-tempered cat (Grumpy Cat)! Fact, it is not angry, just born. So cute! Poor Tarder Sauce she's just misunderstood because of her face she's really cute!

The guanaco is a camelid native to South America that stands between 1 and 1.2 metres at the shoulder and weighs about 90 kg. The colour varies very little, ranging from a light brown to dark cinnamon and shading to white underneath

The Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) is a camelid native to South America --- it is a cousin to The Llama and the Alpaca

Little and Large by sypix on Flickr

Mom & baby hippo : ''When are we gonna get there ! '' Never, so be quiet!

awwww, you

Muscardinus avellanarius, also called the hazel dormouse, is a small rodent found in much of Europe and Asia minor. It is nocturnal, arboreal and hibernates from October to April.

Emperor Penguins with Chick by kelseyinfo

animal-factbook: “Penguin parents can sometimes be overprotective of their young. Due to this, the baby penguin often tries to rebel in subtle ways, such as dancing around when they should be standing.