Naoto Hattori | "Mountain God"

Naoto Hattori | "Mountain God"


Artist Naoto Hattori✯ I think this is my favorite so far. This guy makes some tripy art, wild imagination or drugs or both?

Queen Bee -Naoto Hattori

Naoto Hattori – The Magic Caravan @ Dorothy Circus Gallery – Daily Art Fixx

Art by Naoto Hattori

kittiesandbunnies: by Naoto Hattori dark surrealism and humor, cute and evil…

Eyeball in Flower by Benjiiben                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A Look into Your Soul

I don't really like this, but I like the idea of an eye in a flower and then I would add some more detail of nature extending out around it!

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The Weird Pottery Art (by Lucky Stradley)

absolutely love love love 'The Weird Pottery Art' (by Lucky Stradley) great inspiriation to just go for it, beauty in the eye of the beholder n all that :) .