Levi and Sam talking with the Battle Elders

King Arthur's knights: totally forgot Joel Edgerton and Hugh Dancy were in this film!


King Arthur I think Clive Owen did an alright job portraying Arthur. My favorite part of this film was the relationship between the knights.

King Arthur

Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, including Galahad (Hugh Dancy, center) and Gawain (Joel Edgerton, right) stand ready to protect the traveling caravan.

4010d1337696390-king-arthur-galahad-leather-boots-adad97eb.jpg (1024×768)

4010d1337696390-king-arthur-galahad-leather-boots-adad97eb.jpg (1024×768)

King Arthur Pictures

King Arthur 2004 Soundtrack Hans Zimmer - Woads to Ruin

King Arthur - king Arthur and Marius Honorius

Hugh Dancy, Clive Owen, Ken Stott, and Ray Winstone in King Arthur

Mads Mikkelsen as Tristan in King Arthur 2004

Mads Mikkelsen Wallpaper: Mads Mikkelsen as Tristan in King Arthur

"You have a choice my dear. Your little island can not stand any longer. Your people admire you, and whatever you do they will accept. Commoners are easily misguided, trust me."

Sophia Myles as Isolde and Bronagh Gallagher as Bragnae in "Tristan and Isolde", set in sixth century Cornwall and Ireland

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01.jpg (1800×616)

King Arthur

King Arthur

King Arthur - king Arthur and Tristan

Claire Holt in The Vampire Diaries picture #43 of 74

The Vampire Diaries -----Isabel

King Arthurs knights

Mads & Hugh together in prior movie: King Arthur

horse ride  (Research for The Second Rose www.EKaiserWrites.webs.com)

ridding in the woods/forrest, dark horse, chesnut horse, boy with dark hair and brown clothes, girl with blond hair and a pink dress

Mounted men, soldiers, archers

lisamise on Tristan: I adore Tristan in this movie very deeply . quite, loyal, responsible, a warrior and protective .

tristan king arthur 2004

Tristan/King Arthur movie I don't really love this movie, I just love Tristan so much I watch the movie just to see him!

«За 16 часов я сделала всего 70 снимков»: как создавали постеры фильма «Он — дракон»

«За 16 часов я сделала всего 70 снимков»: как создавали постеры фильма «Он — дракон»