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Mi Diario de Cocina | Porotos con riendas versión 01 | http://www.midiariodecocina.com

Mi Diario de Cocina | Porotos con riendas versión 01 | http://www.midiariodecocina.com

Las hallullas son de los panes más comunes en Chile, junto con la marraqueta están siempre presentes en nuestras casas.

The hallullas are the most common breads in Chile, along with marraqueta are always present in our homes.

Cola de Mono (Chilean egg nog)   5 cloves, 2 sticks of cinnamon   125ml water, 60ml Instant coffee, 180ml sugar, 2 liters milk, 325ml "Agua ardiente" (can be replaced by Pisco, Rhum,  Brazilian Cachaça or Brandy)  Boil the water with the cloves and cinnamon sticks for 10 minutes with the lid on. Add the instant coffee and the sugar. Mix that syrup with the milk and add alcohol. Keep it bottled in the refrigerator (10days). Serve very cold but without ice.This is my easy version.

Cola de Mono: Traditional Chilean Holiday Beverage

HALLULLAS | CHILEAN RECIPES - prounounced ah-you-ya.

Hallullas are a very popular Chilean bread. They are simple, round, rather plain-looking breads, but they are quite tasty and rich, th.

The Italiano Despite the name,hotdogs don’t get more Chilean than this. Smothered in chopped tomato, mashed avocado...

Ripped knickers and other Chilean food you just have to try

The Completo--Chilean hotdogs Smothered in chopped tomato, mashed avocado, whatever you want!

Facts and history on chilean culture. Where I got some of the ideas from Ads, Billboards, etc.

Interesting Facts About the Exotically Outlandish Chilean Cuisine

An exotic combination of Spanish food and local ingredients, Chilean food has evolved fantastically with time. To know everything about this cuisine in short, read these interesting facts.