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Yato Yukine and Hiyori (End Credits Noragami Aragoto)

Lol, NOTE though, how Kazuma doesn't say anything in response, which means he HAS got a lot of stress taking care of Bishamon | Kazuma and Yato | Noragami

You: *blushes and looks away* Me: *watches and observes the episode intently* You: What are you, a pervert? Me: *smirks* No, I'm just observant, that's all.

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I want to know more about Yato’s past

Is it just me or is this oddly like Tokyo Ghoul Season The dramatic zoom in to the MC sitting on a chair. Currently one of my favorite animes

#Ebisu #Iwami #Bishamon :)) Crazy chick This scene is so priceless! Kazuma in the bg tho...

Bishamon :)) Crazy chick This scene is so priceless! Kazuma in the bg tho.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh adorableeee

Noragami - Lolll Yukine is like," get ur sweaty hands off me "<<HAHAHHA Poor Yukine XP

"I won't disappear! As long as there's someone who remembers me..." - Yato, Noragami Aragoto

Who remember when hiyore forgot Yato did you scream your head off like me it was so weird but it as an amazing two or three episodes

I genuinely turned into a puddle of my tears. This was the sweetest thing!! Oh Yato-gami  finally. Noragami

I was crying hardcore when this happened (so beautiful "sniffs")