Paul Gauguin, Autoportrait au Christ jaune 1889, Paris, musée d'Orsay

Gaugin, Self-Portrait with Yellow Christ In the background Gauguin included 2 recent works that have symbolic meaning. The Yellow Christ & the stoneware tobacco jar embodied two sides of his nature: the spiritual and the wild.

Paul Gaugain, Tahitian woman, circa 1894, charcoal and pastel on paper, glued to yellow woven paper, mounted on grey millboard sheet.

artist-gauguin: “ Tahitian Woman, Paul Gauguin Size: cm Medium: charcoal, pastel on paper”

Gauguin - Vahine no te tiare (La Femme à la fleur), 1891

Vahine no te tiare, Paul Gauguin, olio su tela, Ny Carsberg, Copenaghen.

gauguin 1887 jeune martiniquaise au madras

Paul Gauguin - Post Impressionism - Tête de jeune Martiniquaise - Head of a young Girl from Martinique - 1887

Modern Renaissance 10 - Worth1000 Contests. Pitt Portrait

welovepaintings: “ Samuel Palmer Self­ Portrait (Black chalk, white highlights) 1825 229 x 291 cm x Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, United Kingdom) ”