NYC.  The Australian Ballet crossing the street the way they use to // by Lisa Tomasetti

Beautifully Elegant Dancers Pose Along City Streets by Lisa Tomasetti (looks like a dancer's equivalent of the Beatles “Abbey Road”)

Us Dancers (Danceallday) on Pheed

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"There’s something romantic that comes from placing a dancer in these surroundings," Pons tells BuzzFeed.

"There’s something romantic that comes from placing a dancer in these surroundings," Pons tells BuzzFeed.

Dawn Gierling at Grand Central Station - Photographer Luis Pons, a native of Washington Heights, wanted to combine the stoic beauty of ballet dancers and iconic New York City backdrops.

Anna G - Washington Square  Become a fan of the Ballerina Project on Facebook.  Check out the new Ballerina Project blog.

Urban spaces, unexpected dance, and gorgeous traditional exposure photography. The Ballerina Project by photographer Dane Shitagi in NYC.

Great collection of images in which Australian photographer Lisa Tomasetti captures ballet dancers in the streets of Paris, Tokyo, and New York…

Incredible Photos of Ballet Dancers in City Streets

Cassie - 110th Street    The Ballerina Project

THE BALLERINA PROJECT One of my favorite NYC sights is seeing dancers warming up in the subway…have you experienced it? You’re waiting for the train and all of a sudden the person standing next to you.

I think this might be my favorite from the Ballerina Project

Marks and Astor Place area in the East Village (NYC) ~Ballerina Project

Nice! Love Tutu:))

sucker for black and white and ballerinas. Especially when ballerina's had body mass.

Paris Opera Ballet. From the editors of, Benjamin Millepied gives us a gorgeous choreographed fantasy.

Members of the Paris Opera Ballet Dance on Rooftops

Opera de Paris 2013

What an honor it would be to be in this photo. Les étoiles, les premiers danseurs et le corps de ballet de L’Opéra national de Paris, Photo: Agathe Poupeney. and students of the Paris Opera Ballet School at the Palais Garnier staircase

Dancing in the streets. Why not! :)

Ballet can easily be appreciated on stage or in a studio, but it's even more breathtaking when seen in unconventional settings. Photographer Omar Z. Robles beautifully blends dance and street photogra

Senior Portrait / Photo / Picture Idea - Girls - Dance / Dancer - Ballet / Ballerina - Street / Road

NYC + Ballet = beautiful photos - 22 Incredible Photos Of Ballerinas In Urban Cityscapes Of New York City (photos by Luis Pons): Bryn Michaels in SoHo.