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The beautiful liquid sculptures by German photographer Markus Reugels that combines colored liquid splashes and high speed photography to give us some great s

High speed photos of paint splashing into water - Alberto Seveso

In 'Dropping', Alberto Seveso drops acrylic paint into water, taking high-speed photos to capture the splashes occurring above the surface.

Paint On A Drill - stop motion...

Paint On A Drill

‘Black Hole’ – Great colorful photographs of paint being flung by centrifugal force by Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner who in this latest project, combined a metallic rod with an electric drill, covered in paint.

Ink in water - weightless. Beautiful.

Medicina Rossa + Sequenza Blu / Verde by Alberto Seveso simply photographs of varnish into a fish bowl.

Las explosiones de color de Alberto Seveso « Cultura Colectiva

Las explosiones de color de Alberto Seveso

Nothing but awe for these amazing underwater ink photographs by Italian artist Alberto Seveso. He is able to integrate art, beauty, and even fun into his

sound sculptures by Linden Gledhill, using paint, stereo speaker and high speed macro photgraphy... and look at that colour!

These photos are part of a project called 'Sound Sculptures' created by photographer Linden Gledhill. Using tiny drops of paint, a stereo speaker and high-speed macro photography, Linden captures absolutely stunning photos of th .

New Underwater Ink Plumes Photographed by Alberto Seveso water ink high speed

In Blackground by Alberto Seveso photographs, we find ourselves more mesmerized than the last. In his latest Blackground, ink plumes are photographed underwater against a black background, enhancing the colors and billowy textures.