Reflection of Stone Arch Bridge on the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota Reflection / By jpnuwat

The Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis Minnesota. maybe a good team photo spot for Championships volleyball

The Stone Arch Bridge. Impossible to count how many walks and moments of my life have occured in it's presence. Best view of Minneapolis.

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Termini by Tony Karp: Thanks to @Trey Philips Ratcliff #portal #Photography

by Tony Karp (Yes, these are arches, not doors, but this photo beautifully expresses the many, many doors or arches that we go through in a lifetime.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco. Upper deck traffic heading downtown. Beauty shot of GGB's workhorse sister. This is the Treasure Island to SF portion of the bridge, which is still standing. The eastern half of the bridge has been replaced.

~~Old Bay Bridge ~ San Francisco, California by Marcus McAdam~~ This is the West Span of the Oakland Bay Bridge, it is composed of two suspension bridges - the same bridge type as the Golden Gate.

Aerial of Interstate 10, Atchafalaya Basin. Driven over that many times. Very beautiful with all the trees and water.

The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is the longest in the world? The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is a pair of parallel bridges between Baton Rouge & Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge- Toronto by anna.luciaalmeidabarreto.3

Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Toronto, Canada by Montgomery Sisam Architects and Delcan Corp bridge engineers


Covão da Ametade, Serra da Estrela, Portugal by Pedro Santos, via Reflections can often display much more than twice the existing beauty of nature, as in this shot!

Moonlit *)

whatisindustrialdesign: ““Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman.: “Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman. posted by Whatisindustriald”

In the wettest place on Earth, the village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India are some of the most fascinating bridges you'll ever see. These "living bridges" are formed by locals who have trained the roots of rubber trees to grow into natural bridges. They are sturdy enough to far outlast man-made wooden structure bridges. Because of the relentless rain in Meghalaya's jungles, wooden structures would rot away. These root bridges are self-strengthening, becoming more sturdy ...

Meghalaya, India Living root bridges span between local villages over rushing streams

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