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Heute habe ich mein Gewürze-Lager neu gemacht. Schön sauber und übersichtlich.

Heute habe ich mein Gewürze-Lager neu gemacht. Schön sauber und übersichtlich.

Now that is a well-stocked cold cellar!  Well, it must be a cool (and relatively dry) cellar because of the canned goods and squash.  Awesome!

Our root cellar was below the living room and the floor and walls were all earthen.great for storing potatoes ! And it is where we stored all the canned goods, also.

Cutest hobbit inspired root cellar...

I was thinking this wohld be a cute fairy house!)Hobbit Hole Style Root Cellar - How cute! Sister Threads Farm: Building a Root Cellar: Tips and a Collection of Photos

Rain Garden: Root Cellar

Rain Garden: Root Cellar I love the jam, raw honey, hard cider, root vegetables and orchard fruit:)

Living off grid is a dream for many of us! Creating Your Off Grid Homestead is a great book that will help you on your journey.

Do You Want to Live Off Grid?

The Well Stocked Pantry - Learn how to stop relying on the grocery store and provide food security for your family! Then you will know how to eat well even in times of need, boy do I need this right now!

A Well Stocked Pantry

Cooking is one of my passions. A well organized and stocked pantry will not only grant easier access, but also prevent wasteful spending at the grocery.

Missouri Extension guidelines for storing all kinds of crops. (photo credit:

Root Cellar, Dutch Door, Sleeping Porches, etc. - Old House Features that we may want to bring back - Bob Vila

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Cannin' and Jammin': Wall O' Jars

Just wanted to share an updated picture of my Wall Pantry. Some of the jars are canned items, some are dehydrated items sealed in jars usin.

Organizing food storage

A years supply, One week at a time! Deals to Meals: Catch the Vision! Except I'll be skipping the WalMart/Sam's Club choice for deals for so many reasons,,,

Using a strip of wood to keep jars on the shelf and chalkboard paint to label=briliant!

I will have to implement some of these ideas in our root cellar! Well organized canning storage. I love the chalk board labels, so clever.