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You've been useless enough for one day, Sakura.

You've been useless enough for one day, Sakura.


I just wanted to brush up on this picture and it turned out to be coloured. edit: Forgott a little .

KakaSaku: A Moment Alone by haruhanna

Sakura finds Kakashi at the old training ground - once again dwelling on the past (good and bad). Sakura takes his h. KakaSaku- Your Hand in Mine


Anonymous said: Okay so all these are all about the whole deal that Kakashi is too old for Sakura blah blah blah. How are Sakura.

This is how it should have been... Kakashi with his team 7 Naruto, sasuke, Sakura with Rin and obito

Team Minato, Team Kakashi, Rin Obito Kakashi Naruto Sasuke and Sakura CUTE (part

Kakashi and Sakura. I've never shipped these two but I thought this was cute. Couldn't help myself.

A nice mentor/student relationship **platonic** (dont put none of that kakusaru or whatever next to ne)