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I was simply scribbling down poses in my sketchbook and a particular image caught my attention. Fiddling with it a bit, it wound up turning into either a zombie bite scene or a vampire fling. Weird...

He could hear his shallow breaths within the cold evening air; footsteps echoing through the alleyways of darkening streets, pounding against the concrete. Toxic green eyes darted about in desperat.

As You Were: Technus's Story by Sarapsys >>Excuse me while I go freaking cry!!!!!

I recall reading somewhere that Technus was somewhat modeled after Nicola Tesla, so I kind of borrowed some nomenclature there. Tom was named after his purported rival, Thomas E.

Let's go home. by demitasse-lover on DeviantArt| Dude. The "You smell like Death" comic, you know the one with Robbie and that freakie ghost in it?! I just noticed that's a Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom crossover!!!!! Dude... 0.0

by demitasse-lover on DeviantArt. Don't kill me please or rage quit, there are parts in the series where i personally feel like (chocking) Vlad would be a better father than Jack. Some episodes!

As You Were: the Box Ghost's Story by Sarapsys. Man...I feel sorry for the poor box ghost now...

As You Were: the Box Ghost's Story by Sarapsys.I feel sorry for the poor box ghost now.>>>I'm watching the episode where the Box Ghost finds Pandora's Box.