knoten (Valentin Hirsch)

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If you're into owls or planning on getting one or more owl tattoos, check out these 15 awesome examples of owl tattoo body art for ideas and inspiration.

Kamil Czapiga

65 Pleasing Geometric Tattoo Inspiration

Polish tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga from Katowice makes use of the neo-Impressionist pointillism technique of using tiny dots of pure colors to craft stark, crisp tattoos that blend tribal mythology and timeless geometry most holistically.

Dieser Tattoostyle gehört aktuell zu den beliebtesten und gefragtesten Motivrichtungen der internationalen Tattoo-Szene. Die Mischung aus Realistik- und Grafik-Elementen, gepaart mit einer individuellen Message, machen Trash Style Tattoos zu etwas wirklich Ungewöhnlichem. . // . __________________…

Trash Style Part 01

by ToKo Lören. He’ll be tattooing at The British Tattoo Show this May.

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Took me a fair bit of searching to be able to find the artist to be able to link from the original (but well worth it). By Roma Broslavskiy