neverwinter character concept art - Google-Suche

the dress is like the wood elves, but the hands, ears and hair color is not right. Also, a wood elf would never meddle in magic.

Hey there guys!,this is my last job!, Is a character design commision . kinda proud of it, and hope you guys like it!. It took about 3 days, made with wacom intuos 4 and paint tool SAI. the charact...

Weal or Woe - Wayfinder by Ruloc Gevester Olymarius Meraina Savine female sorcerer sorceress witch wizard warlock

Suicide Squad Concept Art by Christian Lorenz Scheurer - Cara Delevingne as Enchantress - 1

Some days back, a lot of new concept art from the DC movie 'Suicide Squad' by artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer made their way online/

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a collection of inspiration for settings, npcs, and pcs for my sci-fi and fantasy rpg games. hopefully you can find a little inspiration here, too.