Variabilität in der Verwendung einer einzelnen Blütencane (von Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg)

Petal Mania Canes by Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg bead and button class - shows some of the things you can do with a petal cane

Jan Montarsi's tutorial using pearl clays and pinata inks which makes extruded strings glow ~ Polymer Clay Tutorials

Free How To Video - Orange Pearl I use the new Premo pearl clays in my recent work. I created bright orange pearl because mixing red pearl with gold makes copper not orange see short how to video here.

Fata Bislacca: tutorial

"Tutorial Murrina Fiore Pop" from Fata Bislacca. Step by step process of making the flower cane.

Blue flower cane the end

polymer cane tutorial I like making canes and I am happy to share the tutorials with you, all I ask if you enjoy my tutorials please comment on them