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Had these in brown

My aunt had a pair of these and I would wear them around her house every time I visited her.

Who remembers these! I had a pair and wore them with rainbow colored toe socks. Heels without the foot pain.

loved these suckers and would wear them until the rubber wore off the bottom and you clonked along...we were convinced they made our legs look totally sexy!

loved these suckers and would wear them until the rubber wore off the bottom and you clonked along.we were convinced they made our legs look totally sexy!

Candies - Shoes Worn in the 80s

Fashion Trends and Popular Shoes Worn in the 80s

I've been on the hunt for a pair of old-school Candies slides. So cute, and the heel is just right!loved these shoes.

70s Funky Fads: Pet Rock

If you don't have any friends you always have your pet rock

white patent leather "church shoes"; Oh my gosh.  The nuns used to tell us we should not wear patent leather shoes because they "reflect" and it allows the boys to look up your dress.  I am serious. This was a grade school Catholic education!

Well, this was like the for me, not the White patent leather shoes for Easter.with white nylon lacy socks.

Now this takes me WAYYYY back! :-)
one little two little three little Indians!

Vintage Fisher-Price toy radio, Pop Goes The Weasel.

The dreaded gym suit... Lol does anyone remember these?  Mercifully, I only had to wear one school year before it changed over to shorts and T

Eww The dreaded gym suit. ours were ugly green !

70s Loves Baby Soft - Bing Images

Blast from the Past: 10 Products Girls Loved in the .I remember this ad! Every young girl wore Love's Baby Soft! Smelt like powder!

1970's Arrid Extra Dry Deodorant ~ And try NOT to breathe that awful spray!

Arrid Extra Dry Deodorant - yep used it

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Forgot all about this! Vintage Fisher Price Horse Riding Toy, Vintage Childrens Outside Toy, Toddler Toy

Actually have this pattern. My mom made me this smock when I was in high school

My mom made a few of these for me as a little girl. I remember her using this same pattern.I have this pattern.

vintage wool A-line skirts. We wore the long ones with our wedge boots....

Wool A-line skirts. The high school "uniform": boots, skirt, velour sweater, cotton dress shirt with collar over the sweater, fitted wool jacket.

Tuppertoys, Shape-O  what fun when you timed it to see how many you could get

Tuppertoys, Shape-O. My mom saved this from when we were little and now my toddler LOVES it!


Sucrets in a tin box - for sore throats. My dad always had these.

I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid.  I'm not sure what they're really for.

Vintage Add a Matic

Vintage Add a Matic by dkgeneralstore on Etsy. My mom used one every trip to the grocery store. I loved the clicking sound it made as you entered the price. Mom called it the clicker.