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Alien Repro Movie Poster Print By Tristan Jones Fan Art Geek Art Sci-Fi Fantasy Comic Book

Marie Bergeron - Tribute to Tim Burton - Betelgeuse

Fantastic Tim Burton Tribute Art - Jack, Beetlejuice, Edward, and Martian — GeekTyrant. Love this movie and almost every Tim burton movie


Aliens - The Alien Queen - Art by Benjamin Carré I know they're supposed to be gross and scary, but I think H.

cyberpunk blade_runner11

Concept art from a new game called Cyberpunk by the guys that made Witcher. It's clearly Blade Runner inspired, which is good since BR is f*cking beautiful.

Prometheus - Engineer test | por Creatures Inc. Ltd

love the look of the armour on the alien from the film Prometheus, the symbols and shapes make it look like an exoskeleton, would like to include this in a character

If you're ever feeling bad about yourself, just think of an alien trying to go to the bathroom.