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Diggle shipping Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from Arrow CW. Diggle is the biggest Olicity shipper

Felicity and Oliver - 2.02 "Identity" ❤ "Miss Smoak, would you get my guest and I some coffee?" :)) ❤

One of my favorite olicity scenes! I don't care how hot you are, break my coffee maker you die!

#TheFlash 3x22 "Infantino Street" - Barry, Iris and Snart

"Infantino Street" - Barry, Iris and Snart<<Gentle reminder that this episode happened while Snart and Sarah Lance were developing feelings for each other in Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash vs Arrow crossover

Then barry gets shot in the back with 2 arrows, and Oliver says, "I heard you can heal fast." Then Oliver pulls the 2 arrows out of barry.

The Flash - Cisco & Barry sneak peek

The Flash - Cisco & Barry sneak peek <Taking Barry on a guilt trip are you Cisco