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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)...

thebluechicory: “ General Information Dandelions are common weeds all over the world with varieties native to Asia, Europe and North America. The leaves are long and deeply serrated forming a basal.

Grandpa paid us a mickle for every 25 dandelions we pulled! A nice would buy everything we desired. ...

Dandelion Salve

suavidad | Ten la suavidad de la brisa, la fuerza de la ola,… | Flickr

Dandelion Wishes - it may be only a humble weed but look at the way it's put together - Amazing! Even the most humble of us has something of great beauty.

Photo by Ron Guest

I admit I have to be THAT neighbor and blow dandelions all over the place. They're a wonderful bunny food.