Censorship - Originally I read that art was allowed, though nude photography was not. After I posted the image with a painted nude and a photographed one, I've heard several people say that fine art images have been removed too. So this is perhaps the future of how we view of classic art on Pinterest?

Luis Ricardo Falero - "Visión de Fausto (La partida de las brujas)"/"Witches going to their Sabbath (The departure of the witches)",

じゃん -雲の描き方                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る

From Creole Mustard is essential in the Louisiana pantry, used in many different preparations where Dijon would be used elsewhere.

FLY LIBERTAD Balloon Globo Globos Colour Color Colores Aire Libre Naturaleza

from the movie The Red Balloon.it was not in english and i think it was black and white except for the red balloon. love this movie!

Free the nipple

Ban US Bible belt from international social media.They got there on the back of slavery and genocide of the indigenous spiritual peoples now the prudes are a disgrace to humanity and enlightenened Europeans , Australians and modern people of the world~

The platform I vote for

Obama Obeys The American People

| Digitalised

I adore glitch art, and have been trying to include it into my work, whether it be videos or photos.

Street artists, more than any other group, are really awesome at making art with environmental messages.

15 of the coolest pieces of environmentalist street art you’ll ever see

The Most Amazing Pop Culture Art You Will Ever See

The Most Amazing Pop Culture Art You Will Ever See

“Dwight Schrute: Bears, Beets, & Battlestar Galactica” - by Sam Spratt With The Office ending tonight, I felt it was appropriate to bring back this illustration I did a couple years ago.