Monday Randoms.

Monday Randoms. (Tattoologist)

crochet top sexy black cut off side

✺✦what makes you feel beautiful✦✺

Tattoo Submission: Pamela L (Italy) - Tattoologist placement

@ isabelledanyi ☼☻

A beautiful couple tattoo

I love this font. And the tattoo. And the placement.

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Grey Garden, a new fragrance, project by Stephanie Simek

Love the pressed flowers idea, but different placement.

Getting obsessed with anchor tattoos

I soooo want an anchor tattoo. Not into that "refuse to sink" stuff it's usually paired with, though. Just the anchor.

cute tattoo

I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky (black - pearl jam)


Possible placement for my next dream catcher tattoo. Hopefully it will look better than this though. (i LOVE dream catcher tats!

That tattoo is amazing. Ive always wanted a comic/ Roy Lichtenstein inspired tattoo like that. Would go nice with my Mike Mills Playground Love tattoo.

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