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By Josh MortensenWhen we think of Roswell, New Mexico our first thought is of UFOs and aliens, but in reality this town is just like every other South Western town, albeit with more alien memorabilia.

軍のトラック・ジープや部品などが第2次世界大戦の後沖縄に捨てられました。 この写真は1949年11月11日にカールメイデンというライフの写真家によって撮影されました。

Jeep ‘graveyard’ in Okinawa, Japan, Thousands of army trucks, jeeps, and parts were dumped on the island of Okinawa after World War II. This photo were taken on November.

Abandoned car

A Vintage GMC 660 heavy duty truck and an far older REO dump truck which appears to date from the or slightly after.