Mr. D you son of a gun.

My sister calls Percy Jackson Perry Jackson. Once my brother said Percy Johanson. I think Dionysus is in my house.

percyjackson, magnuschase

Percy and Leo: I'm so proud of you.We have taught you well *wiping off tears* (I swear if in some like Alternate Universe or something Leo and Percy end up together Magnus would be their child. Or Percy and Nico.

Freshly baked meme for you

This is the reason it only said Jason grabbed Nico and they flew away. It can be any image you want

What I want/ wanted in the Magnus Chase Books

What I want/ wanted in the Magnus Chase Books; we just can't let go of our favorites

Did you mean Clint Barton

Hearthstone is just my adorable little son. I've been keeping up with my sign language because of him.

Magus Chase is such a great character!  Thank you Rick Riordan

I full-on cried when Frey is trying to explain himself and Magnus just gives him a hug because gods I love Percy but he never did that

Only alex can call him that, though

Only alex can call him that, though<<<it's like Seaweed Brain, only Annabeth can really call Percy that