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Lackschichten schräg angeschnitten zwischen Goldregenholz

Lackschichten schräg angeschnitten zwischen Goldregenholz

Gilles Deleuze - Buscar con Google

I’ll have to wander all alone - Jacques Derrida on Deleuze’s death deadlabor: “ Deleuze ”

Cats playing jump rope with a doll. The cats are dressed up. LOVE IT!

Animal - Animal acting human - Cat - Photo - Kittens playing jump rope with doll Photo, kittens dressed up as children, appearing to hold jump rope.

Bioethanol Feuerstelle in Apfelbaumwurzel

Bioethanol Feuerstelle in Apfelbaumwurzel

Blick in die Schale aus Apfelwurzelholz

Blick in die Schale aus Apfelwurzelholz

love this mirror behind the wood work. I would do seasonal cutouts or pretty designs. Not hot on the animal print for my living room.

Animal Pattern Mirrored Panels ~ diy inspiration using cut cardboard, foam core or mdf over mirrored tiles. So I hate animal print, but the decorating idea.

Michel Foucault (1926 –1984) was a French philosopher, social theorist, historian of ideas, and literary critic. His philosophical theories addressed what power is and how it works, the manner in which it controls knowledge and vice versa, and how it is used as a form of social control. Foucault is best known for his critical studies of social institutions, most notably psychiatry, social anthropology of medicine, the human sciences, the prison system, and the history of human sexuality.

Michel Foucault: Free Lectures on Truth, Discourse & The Self (UC Berkeley,

Vladimir Andreev est un designer graphique Russe, de Saint-Petersburg et attention les amis, il va y avoir du haut niveau ! Dans son dernier projet &qout;Russia Expo-2015 Milano&qout; on voit qu’il manipule très bien 3ds Max et Photoshop, les volume est superbe, les couleurs sont tops et les détails sont in…

[Whaouu] – Superbe travail de 3D + Photoshop par Vladimir Andreev

Vladimir Andreev is a graphic designer Russian, Saint-Petersburg and careful friends, there will be the highest level!

Gilles Deleuze - Félix Guattari

Deleuze and Guattari refers to Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, two French philosophers who wrote a number of works together. Deleuze and Guattari (power couple)