"You'll be in my heart, yes you'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more...." this is the perfect song to describe how I feel about the boys. #neverforget. @Harry Styles

My heart shattered into pieces.

#selfie 2014

notice that Niall took almost all the one direction selfies we have. Can we get this kid an award pls. He is a selfie master.


Quit messing with my emotions.

The only band to make a parody of their own song.

One Direction : Math skills<<<< the only band willing to make a parody of their own song XD

<3 So proud

One Direction claps for the boys for having all their albums debut at numero uno

Ok... It doesn't work but I love them and the picture so ya :D

Doing it again, cuz I forgot haha

One direction imagine

One direction imagine sweet!

This should be the New album name

So there are rumors that their new album is gonna be called TILL THE END!

Harry Styles, everybody.

its incredible how accurately this picture describes harrys outlook on this drastic life changing experience

make sure you all go check out the video!!

Director: U Are Love, Light, Power, Danger, Mystery.

64 Number One Hits. 35 Million Records Sold Worldwide. 2 Billion Youtube Hits. They were created on the X Factor UK. The Biggest Boy Band in the World.

I'm seeing a ton of people being all sad because they don't think they will ever meet the boys and such things. So don't be sad. You never know what life will throw at ya. So keep your head up. Please, stay together.


One Direction- Eye

hahaha :) at least the interviewer did their research, unlike many others...

All of their faces HAHAHAHAHAHA its more funny when you keep looking at it omg

Xfactor performing Story of My Life!

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Steal my girl

One direction

woo look at dem covers