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Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience; (clockwise from top left) Mitch Mitchell - Weird, Noel Redding - Gilly and Jimi Hendrix - Ziggy, but where were the spiders

Jimi Hendrix 27/11/1942 - 18/09/1970

Jimi, íntimo; Hendrix, inédito

I inherited the who 4 album Jimi Hendrix Experience from my uncle when he passed away. Game changer ever since.

JIMI / a beautiful moment in time caught on a photo..... rip jimi ♥

Namasté_OM_Sai_Ram_अहिंसाAhimsaអហិង្សាஅகிம்சையைXXXa_beautiful_moment_in_ time_caught_on_a_photo.

THE UNIQUE GUITAR BLOG: The Many Guitars of Jimi Hendrix

♡♥Jimi Hendrix plays a rare lefty protype 'Black Widow' guitar♥♡

Jimi only ever had 1 friend of mine see him live in Toronto in 69 he said how amazing he was !

Could Jimi Hendrix, Rock’s Teflon Fashion Plate, Have Withstood the Stylistic Landmines of the