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All doctors will tell you that there are no high blood pressure symptoms as the blood pressure increases its force.  However, no disease can “pass through” without your body warning you about it. Sometimes these symptoms or warning signs are very common and you usually think there is no room for panicking. #Bloodpressure

High Blood Pressure: Symptoms and Natural Prevention

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Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for good overall health, growth and development. There are 11 vitamins and minerals, essential for body function. They each play a critical role in maintaining…

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Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is bad cholesterol that causes plaque buildup on the arteries. The ideal range of LDL is mg/dL. This infographic from Cardiac Solutions in Phoenix shows you how to keep your cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

Juice for high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Understanding Sleep Apnea Infographic Headaches was my main symptom along with high blood pressure, acid reflux, and asthma as it got worse without treatment. Off all 11 meds today!!!!! Yes, 11......crazy!

High Blood Pressure

Understanding Sleep Apnea Infographic Rest and test for sleep apnea and snoring from home!

How to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure  Symptoms like dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, blurred vision, lightheadedness, clammy skin, cold, nausea, fainting, difficulty breathing, etc. are experienced by the people suffering from low blood pressure.  #lowbloodpressure

How to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure