new york beauty quilts | New York Beauty Quilts

On a Shelf with No Paddle

"New York Beauty quilt from a design by Chris Jurd (Australia), seen at Patchwork Fun" I am a New York Beauty fan & this is gorgeous.

For Elon

For Elon quilt by Robin Ruth designs,Mariners compass blocks. I'm so excited to have just got her Special Rulers and books to make this and others out of Strips of fabric- no paper piecing

Reproduction Beauties quilt pattern.

Blue Mountain Daisy: Friendly Friday - Chris Jurd - Patchwork Fundamentals Also, there is a cute house on a hill block.

New York Beauty.  My next one.  Maybe.

Liz has started these sample blocks. she needed a change from Frogs and Owls. Dianne has her bow ties together now and has started quilt.