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Teig für Zettis!

{6} Ruiskakut (Finnish Rye Biscuits)

Finnish Joulutortut, for Phillip!

Joulutortut, Finnish xmas pasties with plum marmalade .our Family version is Prune filling.

Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberries. #food #Finland #tradition #cheese

Leipäjuusto (bread cheese) Oven-cooked cheese that squeaks when you bite into it. Best served hot with cloudberry jam Finnish cuisine // Cuisine finlandaise

Shrove Buns (Finnish Laskiaspulla)

Finnish Laskiaispulla – (Shrovetide bun - sweet rich bread) filled with whipped cream and almond paste or jam.

Recipe ● Tutorial ● Gingerbread Tree

Gingerbread Tree

hero010]\ http://julieskitchen.me/

I’m LOVING these prints by Julie’s Kitchen. Julie Lee is just a girl who assembles food collages from local markets and shoots in her kitchen.


Finnish Pastries & When to Eat Them – Nomad Epicureans

Finnish Rye Bread (Ruisleipä)

Finnish Rye Bread is a staple of the Finnish diet. You can also purchase Finnish Rye Bread in New York through Nordic Breads, a wonderful company!