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cute baby photo
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The two big wishes are always struggling in me: that she grows up soon and that she always stays this little kitten that loves our games in bed  ||| Во мне постоянно борются два противоположных желания: чтоб она выросла поскорее и чтобы она всегда оставалась такой же сладенькой маленькой булочкой которая больше всего любит игры в одеялах  by thesematters
Bubble fights with Penny. And no I dont go easy on her Bubbles courtesy of @johnsonsbaby #Ad
Andy posted this on FB; Will have to divide it in half and put test in a comment. "Conversation I just had with Emily Counts  regarding electric toothbrush heads....  Emily: we don't have any... Andrew: I know you keep saying that but my heart and my intuition say there are more... Emily: (rummages around under the sink) I found two more! Andrew: see! Emily: I'm glad I found them because your intuition has been letting me down lately and now my faith is renewed."
love this scene.