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Photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik - collection of fascinating facet eyes of dragonflies, bees and flies. ~Insect faces only a mother could love!

Maggot Fangs & Water Bear Claws: Microscopic Insect Images

Bugs for Jeanie! Microscopic "water bears" ("moss piglets," or tardigrades) that live in both marine & freshwater sediments. Looks like they could be from outerspace.

Space creatures

“Tardigrades (commonly known as waterbears or moss piglets) are small, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs. Tardigrades were first discovered in 1773 by Johann August Ephraim Goeze, who called them kleiner Wasserbär, meaning “little .

Bdelloidea are microscopic aquatic animals that are related to roundworms, found in freshwater and moist soil. Interestingly, a male has never been observed within the species; females reproduce exclusively by parthenogenesis (without fertilization).

frontal-cortex: Scanning electron microscope picture of a nerve ending that has been broken open to reveal the synaptic vesicles beneath the cell membrane. Image by Tina Carvalho. The Cell: An Image Library

What Happiness Looks Like

Kinesin motor protein pulling vesicle along cytoskeletal filament.

Cat flea › Micronaut: The fine art of microscopy by science photographer Martin Oeggerli