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Germanische Frame/Speerspitze, ca. 24 cm

Germanische Frame/Speerspitze, ca.

Early 20th century illustration of ancient Germanic warriors.

the early German peoples, who lived, traded, and fought with the ancient Romans—covering the period from 230 BCE to 180 CE”

A dated depiction of a Germanic family, c. 300. Illustration from Costumes of All Nations (1913).

Franks- a Germanic tribe that conquered present-day France and neighboring lands in the

Penannular brooch -common long ago amongst the Celtic and Germanic tribes

part 3 picture only Penannular brooch -common long ago amongst the Celtic and Germanic tribes

Roman auxiliary cavalrymen, recruited from Celtic tribes, burn a Marcomanni (a Germanic tribe) village, 1st/2nd cent. AD - art by Angus McBride

"Celts in Roman service burn a Marcomanni village, late century AD", Angus McBride

Julius Caesar most notable for his victory and tyranny against the Gauls at the Siege of Alesia and his raid against the Germanic tribes and finally the civil war which would bring about the collapse of the Roman Republic and make him Rome's 1st Emperor.

Roman Republic: This is a statue of Julius Caesar. One of his most important battles was against the Gauls where he seized Alesia and eventually the civil war that would cause the Roman collapse and allow Julius Caesar to become Rome's first emperor.

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