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I relate.

Padme: having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness. ^^^^OHHHH my poor Padme!

It's ok. I didn't need my heart anyways

Legit the sweetest thing I've heard, she loved him so much and cared for him. and he cared for her. "Where is padme? It seems you kiled her out of your anger"

I've always loved this. The film titles were always open for interpretation, much like the films themselves! I think that's why the movies are classic: you were never just told something in Star Wars. As the audience, you were expected to figure it all out for yourself. That's what makes good movies.

Thought this was cool

I thought Luke was the jedi who returned because all the other jedi had died, but Luke became a jedi and so the jedi were restored. Luke and Vader BOTH returned. Because "Jedi" can be plural.

Star Wars Republic Costume Evolution Infographic | I love how Padme's got tons of outfits, Anakin has around six, and Obi-wan's basically stays the same the whole time!

Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition [Infographic]

Anikan and toast

I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time XD This. I can't. It's literally the "Evolution of Anakin Skywalker as told by bread" XD

Reunion - an Anakin x Padme comic by lisuli79 on DeviantArt

Vader may have (co-) ruled over the galaxy for about 23 years, but Padme will rule over Anakin’s heart for the eternity. Reunion - an Anakin x Padme comic