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Swedish Flower Hen Greenfire Farms

Greenfire Farms is a small business dedicated to importing, breeding and selling rare and unusual chicken breeds in North America. Greenfire Farms has brought

NPIP Blue Gold Splash Partridge Brahma, Crested Cream Legbar, White Faced Spanish, Serama/frizzle - Page 3

adding to Rachel about pricing, I am trying to work on a website and we are working on details on the shipments, since most cant afford a ton of brahma chicks it will.

20 amazing and best backyard chickens breeds. Pictured: Barbu d’Uccle (Belgian breed) My others of the 3 faves: Cream Brabanter Hens Asian Red Fowl


Image detail for -This Rooster + Buff Orpington Hen = Some interesting Little Chicks.