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I wish he would be calling me !

I wish he would be calling me 😍😜

James McAvoy My God!!! Why is he so damn sexy!!!

James McAvoy, you sir blow my mind. I just watched Victor Frankenstein and you were fantastic and SPLIT was phenomenal! I want to watch it again and I can't wait to see what unravels from Split/Unbreakable!

James McAvoy is lovely

NOTICE TO ALL PINNERS: Tom Hiddleston has been replaced in my sister's heart by James McAvoy. All previous "Hiddleston" posts will henceforth be changed to "McAvoy" posts.


icqcq: “ damnthosewizardcops-: “ findingsherlock: “ *wimper* You are not helping me concentrate on work, James. This is unfair on my revision ” Oh my, James, you are a pretty thing.

James McAvoy Sexy | elle-james-mcavoy-de.jpg

Into the Blue

James McAvoy Interview - Actor James McAvoy on Love and Relationships - Elle

Definitely one of my celebrity crushes.  James McAvoy

James McAvoy, very yum and a very passionate actor. Every role he's been in (that I've seen - no more rated R movies, dude! Tumnus the fawn. Love this boy.

James McAvoy, you adorable Scottish man, you.

BARFLY James McAvoy, you adorable Scottish man, you - We Scots will slowly take over the world.

James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy in Becoming Jane. Want James McAvoy's baby!!!!!

James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy in Becoming Jane Maybe one day i'll remember I want to watch this>>>> this was my favourite part in the movie.

James McAvoy. Dark hair, ginger beard. Gives a whole new deff to Professor X

James McAvoy: 'There will be people who walk out of the cinema I'm sure'

You will find these celebrities hair very much mesmerizing and attractive with their varied, yet charming hairstyles.

James McAvoy to you sir

James McAvoy in Stripes Waistcoat with Long Sleeve Insert

Oh god, don't put them in a suit on top of it all. *fans face* help me. James McAvoy, ladies and gentlemen.in a waistcoat