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Runes and Cats, two things i like in 1 pic

bad-mojo: “ Almighty viking kitties (They are Moofse’s and Vincent’s babies) ” :)

How to carve a rune stone to decorate your yard/garden

How to Carve a Rune Stone to Decorate Your Yard/garden

About a thousand years ago plus or minus five hundred years, rune stones where being carved all over Europe. With a little bit, OK a whole bunch of patience.

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Viking rune stone showing lunar calendar. These stone are found from Poland to Minnasota.

Can you locate the dog?????repin if u can find it

99 Cats and 1 Dog print by artist Bob Staake. Done for the International Fund for Animals Christmas fundraising campaign.


I so would love to greet and hang with these two everyday. A Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky Mix. They are my dream dogs!

Cat Hanger

Cat Hanger


animalworld: “ JAGLION (Jaguar/Lion cross) ©Tara Frost Photographed at the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary home to the only (known) living Jaglions — Jazzie and Tsunami (pictured above)…more.

This stone is perhaps the oldest #Viking rune stone found in Södermanland. The vertical rune lines and lack of ornamentation tells that this is an early inscription. The stone is from the second half of the 900s. The rune stone was actually found inside a burial mound, in 1856. It had probably been placed on the top of the grave in the beginning, but over the passing 800 years since it was raised, it seems to have slowly sunk into the ground and been hidden by the growing grass. by Hercio…

Perhaps the oldest Viking rune stone found in Södermanland, the vertical rune lines and lack of ornamentation tell us that this stone's inscription is from the second half of the Originally found inside a burial mound in this stone had probabl

The Bro rune stone in Uppland, Sweden, was raised by a wife, Ginnlög, in honor of her dead husband, Assur.  It also commemorates the building of a bridge (a causeway across marshy ground) in memory of Assur.    The stone is carved with two serpent bands, around an ornamental cross.  It says that Assur kept watch with a comrade Gæitir, as part of the Víkinga vorđr, a local defense force against Viking raiders.  The photo below is taken from:    http://www.arild-hauge.com/sweden.htm

keeping watch

The Bro Runestone in Uppland, Sweden. The runes read out a primitive advertisement for Axe body spray.