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You know you're a Hufflepuff when... you don't like fights.  http://youknowyoureahufflepuffwhen.tumblr.com/page/34

You know you're a Hufflepuff when. It doesn't matter what haters say, you are truly very proud of being a Hufflepuff, and see no point in their arguments. So true.

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This has been made especially for me as a way of saying that I’m sorry for the lack of posts! And I don’t even have a good excuse, I simply always thought “I will update here… But later” and never got around it.

You know you're a Hufflepuff when... you are nice, until someone hurts your friends.  http://youknowyoureahufflepuffwhen.tumblr.com/page/39

The badger, the symbol of Hufflepuff house, is quiet, but extremely dangerous when its young are in danger.

You know you're a Hufflepuff when

I would do that, but my crush is my bff. Which I hide as much as possible and ignore the best I can and bite back while she tells me about her crush because I care more about our friendship and not making her uncomfortable than having my heart shot at.

Hufflepuff - ignoring the misplaced apostrophes, it's so true!

This hurts my heart. Everyone thinks hufflepuffs are so sweet and kind and just smol beans. But we can handle a lot of pressure and pain.

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Hufflepuff and Slytherin friendships

Hufflepuff and Slytherin friendships Not alcohol. I don't like alcohol, caffeine for me I suppose

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Slytherin and Hufflepuff friendships