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As a child I realized rather quickly that I wasn't very coordinated but I could run fairly fast so track was my sport of choice and was my shero! She made running fast look sooooo fly!

I remember those days getting my hair wash while in the bath tub

so cute my baby hates these days hair wash days are the worst thing in the world to her and it's starting to be for me as well with all that hair she has it's a struggle

Afros love themselves... unconditionally!

Every twist, kink and coil of it. My hair is the healthiest it has been in years.

The shrinkage is real lol

We all know that protective styling is a great way for us to retain hair length. For many of us, protective styling can get tiring. Which is why for your sanity and your hair's health you should let it loose every so often.


Wanted my natural curl back. I'm biracial so my natural curl is a tight curl, I have so much hair, and its SUPERR thick!


Want the best natural hair products for black hairstyles? 50 natural hairstyles gurus give the best 3 natural hair products for black hair. Coconut oil for hair.

Haha This goes for anyone and everyone that does not like their hair to be touched.       Saw a picture          Source/Inspiration :      ...

Natural Hair Art Bitches be touching, like i know i look like a fluffy bear but this aint no petting zoo. I'll scratch your fucking eyes out.

That shrinkage is amazing!

black hair may look short . but it just shrinks. here is a good close up look for those who think we have short hair. blacks have long hair. :) ew the term blacks is so so so wrong, idk is it just me. Lets replace that with [HAIR GOALS] brown people.