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What I'm going to say sounds ridiculous, but once upon a time it wasn't ridiculous at all. You could wake up one morning in North America and decide to walk to Morocco, have breakfast, and a few hours later, there you are — in Africa. No sweat. Or wander from Australia into Bangladesh. Not a problem. Let me show you how.

A Most Delightful Map

NPR: 'A Most Delightful Map' -- Pangea with modern borders

Geografía e Historia: El Relieve de España (I)

Geografía e Historia: El Relieve de España (I)

Iapetus Ocean | iapetus440.jpg (49996 bytes)

Iapetus Ocean | iapetus440.jpg (49996 bytes)

Mod 6 Lesson 6.1 Historical Linguistics and Global Language Families

Mod 6 Lesson Historical Linguistics and Global Language Families

a traves

Mapas de Europa a traves de los siglos

Taconic and Acadian Orogenies

An overview of the Taconic and Avalonian (Arcadian) collisions (orogenies) that added the land that is now New England to the core of Proto North America (Laurentia)

El mundo de los romanos

Scipio Aemilianvs on

Geology of North America - map

Geologic Map of North America [1024x1765]

Mapa de Europa en el año 1400. Francia oriental era parte de los estados alemanes, España aún no existía como nación estado, el imperio Romano es apenas una mota de color salmón, y el papa y una orden monástica tenían sus propios estados

Here are some maps showing how Europe changed every century for the past years. You’d see a lot of changes when looking at a map of present day Europe and comparing it to a 30 year old one.