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The world of Social Enterprise https://www.facebook.com/instituteofsocialentrepreneurship

Social Enterprise: an enterprise that provides business solutions to social problems. I firmly believe that when business reinvest to address social problems everyone can win.

I chose this pin because it shows that a business can be for the people. Some companies believe in having a business for the people instead of for the profit. Some also accomplish both. This shows how you can give back to the consumer.

Thought this was a good basic image about social responsibility- Learn about Social Purposes Businesses and Social Entrepreneurship.

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Women Are Naturally Suited To Social Enterpreneurship

Why give a man a fish when you can give a woman a fishing net? "Women Are Naturally Suited To Social Enterpreneurship"

What is a social enterprise? | Asia For Good A social enterprise is an enterprise which aims to solve a social problem or effect social change. By incorporating a social mission they give back to their community while earning profits, and in turn allow their customers to affect positive change through them. When you buy from a social enterprise, everybody wins. Check out some of our social enterprises here.

Social Enterprise diagram - or triple bottom line looks at any enterprises effect on not only the ONE bottom line, but also the planet and its people.

Succeeding at Social Enterprise: Hard-Won Lessons for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs

From the Social Enterprise Alliance, the organization dedicated to building a robust social enterprise field, comes Succeeding at Social Enterprise . This practical guide is filled with the best pract