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Quand il a câliné un tout petit chaton pour une séance photo et qu'un million d'ovaires ont explosé en choeur.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In "Out" - with a kitten ~cats are always in style

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think he is such a little hottie. I do have a thing for men with dark hair !

the best

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - A man in a suit is sexy to women -as a woman is to men in her lingerie! So true- love my man in his suits!

Just when I think I've gotten used to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face, I see a picture like this and swoon so hard I fall out of my chair... : LadyBoners

42 Things That Prove That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is The Perfect Man Yes I've pinned this already. It's Joseph Gordon Levitt. He's hot.

Le look de Joseph à partir de 1340€ chez

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing Charcoal Plaid Wool Blazer, Charcoal Plaid Wool Waistcoat, Black and White Polka Dot Tie, White Dress Shirt, and Grey Plaid Cotton Pocket Square

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt = HOT And the guy brings it home in all of his movies.

Joseph Gordon Levitt looks dapper in tartan. Get the look with the #BarIII Carnaby Collection

My most recent, absolutely adorable and completely handsome man crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt :)

33 fois où Joseph Gordon-Levitt a été irrésistible en 2013

Joseph Gordon Levitt - I feel a little like a child molester for this one- he's so young!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will always be a favorite. You know, after seeing all my eye candy picks I realize that I love when guys smirk.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, anyone else thing he sorta looks like heath ledger?

at the meet & greet - Peter choosing Katie for his on stage serenade : ) first meet JGL

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

katelizabeth: “ Beautiful People → Joseph Gordon-Levitt “The whole concept of celebrity pisses me off. While I`m not a celebrity, it`s such a weird concept that society has cooked up for us.