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Victorian Dollhouses | Victorian Gazebo Porch Kit

Wraparound Victorian Gazebo Porch Kit

Give your miniature dollhouse a genteel touch with this lovely Victorian Gazebo Porch Kit. The engineered precut parts and hand-split, octagonal pine wood roof shingles reflect the high quality crafts

Fun fact: Doll’s houses weren’t really intended for children way back when. Rather, they represented decorative conversational objects of play things for adults to admire or boast about. They were off-limits to children because they represented works of art, serving as centre pieces, and objects of beauty. Doll’s houses represented trophy collections owned by a few affluent women living in the major cities of Europe, who were wealthy enough to afford them. A complete and fully furnished doll…

Dollhouse for Pearl

I want this even though I am too old to play or even have this in my room. This is a great picture of my dream doll house from when I was young! mini-garden-house-idea-for-alani-project-rewards

Resultado de imagen de casa de muñecas victoriana

Resultado de imagen de casa de muñecas victoriana