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Psycho Facts <<< haha I love these!!

That red head fact isn't true I'm a read head and I'm 12 so I will be one of the only redheads left and my children will be red heads because red hair is a strong gene


๑ Title: The Piano ๑ Pixiv ID: 40257800 (last picture is Goodbye kiss, ๑ Artist: shul ๑ Characters: Levi, Eren Yeager. ๑ Rating: Parental Guidance. ๑ Warning: Child abuse, self-harm.

Attack on Titan ~~ Let this run for a few cycles and he starts to look a little tipsy... :: Levi

When I see dead Marco jokes <--- true <--- Idk they aren't half bad in my mind

RinHaru Comic - Secret pt1 by Sakura-Rose12 on deviantART

Short comic from a scene that I had in my head, when their romantic relationships starts. it was just an excuse to draw them kissing COMMENTS DISABLED B.