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John Wayne Stamp Cross Stitch E-Pattern von jpcrossstitch auf Etsy

2004 - USPS -John Wayne Stamp -The U. Postal Service has chosen Marion Michael Morrison, better-known to millions of adoring fans as John Wayne (or "Duke"), to be honored in the Legends of Hollywood commemorative stamp series this year.

Maureen O'Hara & John Wayne in "The Quiet Man" .....Uploaded By www.1stand2ndtimearound.etsy.com

I know he was mostly known for westerns, but this is my favorite John Wayne movie of ALL time! John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" 1952

( 2014 & 2015 † IN MEMORY OF ) - † JOHN WAYNE (Marion Robert Morrison) Sunday, May 26, 1907 - 6' 3½" - Winterset, Iowa, USA (age 72) Monday, June 11, 1979 - Los Angeles, California, USA (lung and stomach cancer) >John Wayne Airport, Orange County California.

America Why I Love Her - now available on iTunes! A whole album dedicated to the American People sung by John Wayne

John Wayne

I don't mind Norris, but you can never go wrong with The Duke. I can never get tired of The Duke. Norris can be a little exhausting.