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this is a pretty awesome graphic

Next time a telemarketer calls, hand the phone to your 3 year old and tell her it's Santa. Totally makes me want to borrow a 3 year old

July 11, 1960: In the photo above, Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) tells photographer Joe Kennedy “No pictures, please” while sitting with Vel Phillips on July 10, 1960. The photo was taken during a rally at Shrine Auditorium led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. urging a civil rights plank in the Democratic platform. This is probably the most interesting photo in the entire Times folder on the convention because it captures Kennedy when he assumed he was out of the political spotlight

Kennedy sits with Vel Phillips, during a rally at Shrine Auditorium led by the Rev. urging a civil rights plank in the Democratic platform.

Actress Nina Mae McKinney known in the 1930's as "The Black Garbo."

Nina Mae McKinney actress called the "Black Garbo" in Europe where she was given roles worthy of her talent and beauty.

#awesomeness #swag i wanna be like this. just because you are old it doesn't mean that you aren't awesome.

Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not like you are going to get out alive.

Tibetaanse kinderen

Children in the Himalayas © Volker Abels - I really love this photo. I'm drawn to the happiness of the children and also the colors. The shallow depth of field also gives it a nice touch by focusing only on the kids.


WOW ~ Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry. It is traditional for Tibetan men to wear extravagant jewelry About Face,Anthropological,Faces of the World,Global People & Adornements,People all over the world


Funny pictures about Kid Holding A Baby Goat. Oh, and cool pics about Kid Holding A Baby Goat. Also, Kid Holding A Baby Goat photos.

I like this picture. Wonder what she was looking at...

This is an old photograph of a young African American lady posing for the camera on a Winter's day. There is nothing to identify this lady or when or where this photograph was taken. My guess is that this was sometime during the late or early

Portrait of a young girl wearing a traditional Romanian costume by Costică Acsinte (1939).

lauramcphee: Romania, 1939 (Costica Acsinte) A Romanian WWI photographer’s 5000 unseen glass plate portraits — beautifully surreal and rapidly deteriorating — are being digitized 30 years after his death. — Read more on LightBox (via timelightbox)

Young Laura Ingalls Wilder, circa 1880s. Born in 1867, Laura wrote of her early life in a nine book series, beginning with Little House in the Big Woods.

The real Laura Ingalls Wilder.Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder was an American author who wrote the Little House series of books based on her childhood in a pioneer family. Laura's daughter, Rose, inspired Laura to write her books.