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Palazzo di Schonbrunn - Austria

Breathtaking Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna - Napoleon Room : When Napoleon occupied Vienna in 1805 and he chose Schönbrunn as his headquarters. During this time he probably used this room as his Office Room.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology houses a collection of specimens and other objects of interest to the scholar, the man of science as well as the more casual visitor, arranged and displayed in accordance with the scientific method. In its original sense, the term “museum” meant a place dedicated to the muses - “a place where man’s mind could attain a mood of aloofness above everyday affairs.”

Greater Paris, Versailles Grand Parc district, Palace of Versailles, Versailles

Gangi, Sicilia

Gangi (Palermo) For sale at one euro: a house in an idyllic Sicilian village - Telegraph

Ortigia, duomo, facciata 01 - Duomo di Siracusa - Wikipedia

The ornate Duomo di Siracusa, or Syracuse cathedral, an example of Sicilian Baroque architecture.

Chauteau Blois, Loire Valley   Hand carved limestone, unbelivable detail

Detail view of the Chateau Royal de Blois, Loire Valley, France, a royal residence built from the to centuries. Love the quaintness of the bird on the shoulder.