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nossa que sutil

Ai vc para e pensa no que tem em baixo da saia ne Sr Suga

yoonji and Jungkook

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❝ you are the adult that has a collection of kumamon dolls and i'm the child who is 18 years old ❞ - in which jungkook is a bit too touchy with his babysit.

Part 2

Hey guys this is a fanart that remake the scene of Jungkook and Suga in BTS RUN Episode.

"Tell me there is a badder diva than (insert name here)"  THERE CLEARLY IS A BADDER ONE

BTS 방탄소년단 - Yoonji Fanart (i never knew how much I needed this fan art until right now ) <--- The boys in the corner thoooo XDDD Hahahah can't deal with these shts ;D they thirstin too hard. I bet they didn't know they needed this until now either

Oh my gawd my jikook is my jikook is oh my gawd....

Oh my gawd my jikook is my jikook is oh my gawd.