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A replicated Venice located at a hotel at Macau. It is interesting how the designer put a "place" into an architecture.

You will love to find out the Plants that purify the air in your home and we have the Nasa Infographic that outlines the very best. Grab it now.

Plants That Purify The Air In Your Home Nasa Infographic

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33 Best Garden Design Ideas - For more #garden design ideas

HIGHGROVE, England — Prince Charles' gardens at his home, the magnificent Highgrove estate, are a vision to behold on an English summer's day.

The Best Front Door Colours To Paint Cotswold Stone Houses (Part 3: Classic With A Twist)

Classic Cotswold Cottage Putty front door on The Best Door Colours To Paint Cotswold Stone House (Part Classic With A Twist): Modern Country Style

Limone Italien

Limone Italien

Yorkshire, England photo via nicki

I grew up in this part of England and think it is one of the prettiest, friendliest places in the UK