Couldn't be more accurate.

Couldn't be more accurate. there faces make it look all the better in this pic


Person: Are you insane? Me: No, I'm inzayn. Random Other Directioner: HAHAHAH! Non-Directioner Friend: Why am I friends with you?

Just Kidding!

I'm a directioner.but I do go to parties! Haha and I scream "this is my jam!" With my friends no matter where we are if we hear a song we love!


its so sad really i feel sorry for her she has no idea how stupid she is :/

louis: disappointed, but not surprised niall: hAHAHSHSHSHAHAJHAJAJAJAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA MARRY ME

Niall and Harry think that's the funniest joke in the world, Liam's like "please, make it stop!" Louis is thinking "yep that's as funny as it gets" and Zayn just doesn't know how to respond.

ive never repinned something so fast before repin it's one direction!!!!!!

ONE DIRECTION DUH.(one direction look more happy)<< Sorry, if there are any The Wanted fans.

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Let's have another toast to the boys almighty !

Re pinned and luv them.I love ull love ull sooo soo sooo much

lol zayn looks like he is about to pass out  harry looks like he is looking at a delicious food and he just wants to eat it  louis is being...well louis  and liam is like "hey der"

Nialler♥ woah there leeyum, dj malik, boo bear, and hazza .


Ignore the bad luck comment. I just reposted coz I really love em.